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The effects of magnets on humans has fascinated people for years

Time and again in the course of human history, ever advancing science can be seen to verify ancient wisdoms and traditional rules. One of the most recent examples: for generations people with a positive outlook have been convinced that laughter is the best medicine. Today doctors have good grounds to suppose that laughter triggers the activation of the endorphin system. Endorphins are chemical messengers that produce feelings of happiness. As we now know, they play an important role in the processing of pain and the overcoming of physical and psychological stress.

We should be a bit more respectful. Even if our ancestors’ views now seem a bit portentious they were nevertheless children of their time.

The ancient Chinese around 2500 BC 

The ancient Chinese probably already used magnetic energy for therapeutic purposes. Acupuncture, which plays an important role in traditional Chinese medicine, makes use of magnetized needles.

The ancient Egyptians around 2500 BC

Statues of the gods made of lodestone have been found as well as Egyptian mummies. We also know of the ‘mystic eyes’ of stone deities with strong magnetic properties. What is sure is that the Egyptians used magnetite for therapeutic purposes. The medical literature of the ancient Egyptians mentions lodestone in various places when listing remedies.

Cleopatra (69 – 30 BC) is said to have used magnets as a beauty treatment.

Thales of Miletus 624 – 546 BC

One of the Seven Sages, the founder of natural philosophy. Thales of Miletus is regarded as the first person to have recognised the attractive power of lodestone. H e believed that magnets have a soul.

Euripides  480 – 406 BC

A Greek poet who wrote a play entitled Electra. The name is the origin of the word ‘electronics’. According to Euripides, lodestone has an effect on the human psyche. It can lead to temporary obsession.

Hipprocrates  460 – 370 BC

Hipprocrates is the most famous of the Ancient Greek physicians and formulated the principles of medical ethics (the Hippocratic Oath) and these are still valid today. He recommended magnetite powder as a treatment for infertility.

Pliny  23 – 79

Pliny wrote a voluminous Historia naturalis and mentioned in it that magnets are good for the eyes and heal burns.

Hildegard from Bingen  1098 – 1179

These days Hildegard from Bingen is the most popular women of the middle ages. In her book Pysical / De Lapidibus, this visionary scientist mentions magnets as a remedy for paralysis, apoplexy and jaundice.

Paracelsus  1493 – 1541

A famous doctor, chemist and philosopher of the Renaissance who believed in the healing power of magnets. One just needed to place the lodestone at the point from which the illness emanated. In his experience, healing plasters could be made from powdered magnets.

Christian Wolff  1679 – 1754

Polymath and one of the most important philosophers of the Enlightenment: ‘Of everything that is mined from the Earth, there is nothing more wonderful than the magnet.

Franz Anton Mesmer  1734 – 1815

A Viennese doctor who advanced what was known as ‘animal magnetism’ and attributed magnetic properties to the human body. Eminent personalities like Washington, Balzac, and Schopenhauer were strongly  influenced by Mesmer’s teachings.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe   1749 – 1832

This great German poet must have been influenced by Mesmer’s views when he said,  “We all have certain electric and magnetic powers within us and ourselves exercise an attractive and repelling force. Between lovers this magnetic force is particularly powerful and acts even at a distance.

Emil de Bois – Reymond   1818 – 1896

A physiologist who was the first to successfully demonstrate that there are electric currents in the bodies of humans and animals. They take the form of currents  flowing through muscles and nerves, with the associated  magnetic effects.

Linus Pauling  1901 – 1994

Linus Pauling  was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry and the Nobel peace Prize. He discovered the magnetic properties of haemoglobin in 1935.

Werner Heisenberg   1901 – 1976

This physics Nobel prize winner attributed a key role to magnetic energy, saying that “magnetic energy is the elemental energy on which the entire life of the organism depends”.

Erwin Neher und Bert Sakmann   1991

Professors Neher and Sakmann were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology / Medicine for the development of the patch clamp technique, which measures the current flowing through the cell membrane during metabolism.

Thomas C.Skalak  21st century

Prof. Thomas C. Skalak teaches and researches at the University of  Virginia. He demonstrated that a magnetic field has a relaxing effect on blood vessels and, for instance, reduces swelling faster.


Magnetics really do heal!

Secrets of the microcosm

For thousands of years people have been swearing by the healing power of magnets. The phenomenon has not yet been fully researched. But science appears no longer able to ignore the subject. Scientists at the University of Virginia (USA) recently conducted clinical experiments in which they obtained results that will come as no surprise to proponents of the ‘healing power of magnets’ theory – even if they gave the researchers sufficient reason to go into the essential questions in greater depth.

Scientists have discovered that magnets can stimulate the circulation or regulate the blood flow. They have also established that overstretched veins tighten up and constricted blood vessels relax .Swellings and inflammations were reduced, injuries healed better and faster. Scratches and even scars were significantly reduced under the influence of a magnet.

The effect on sports injuries was particularly marked and the researchers recommended alternately applying ice bags and magnets when treating sprains, bruises or grazes – rare advice from an institution dedicated to traditional medicine.

The incredible diversity of application of magnetic energy is absolutely fascinating. A wide range of illnesses respond positively as soon as a magnet comes into play. Is magnetic energy really the cure-all remedy many people consider it to be – because they have experienced its effect on their own body? Or is there a common factor in all the recoveries that are described, despite all their differences?

Blood – a very special fluid 

From time immemorial, blood has been regarded as the ultimate life force. These days we know about the many functions the blood performs in the body. One of its most important tasks is to transport oxygen and nutrients to the cells. In the spirit of efficient logistics, it eliminates the waste products of the metabolism on the return journey. It also transports hormones and other essential substances between the cells. As part of the immune system, it protects against foreign substances and helps the body react to injuries.

The blood changes as it passes through the lungs. It collects oxygen. And here lies the starting point for the answer to the question of whether magnetic energy can have an effect on the blood. It can! As early as 1935, Nobel prize winner Linus Pauling determined that haemoglobin has magnetic properties and that those properties change – independently of the oxygen content. Deoxygenated haemoglobin contains unpaired electrons and is therefore paramagnetic, meaning that the application of an external magnetic field causes it to increase its magnetic attraction. There are no unpaired electrons in oxygenated haemoglobin. So it is diamagnetic, loses strength under the influence of external magnet forces, causing a repulsive effect. These forces are measurable and are the basis of magnetic resonance tomography (MRT).

The stacking of the red blood cells – i.e. rouleaux formation – reduces the total surface of the blood cell, which is decisive for oxygen transport.  This can lead to an inadequate supply of oxygen.  As haemoglobin reacts to magnetic energy, it is possible to exert an influence in case if rouleaux formation and the reports of positive experiences with magnetic jewellery should also be seen in this context.

Every function in the body depends on far less than a silken thread, it depends on a nerve. The information about all the conscious and unconscious processes in the body passes along the nerves. Everything we hear, smell and touch is transformed into impulses they are conveyed along the neural pathways to the brain,

Where they are converted into the corresponding images, sounds, smells and feelings. Coldness, warmth, good spirits, hate, love – the nervous system ensures that everything finds its place in the two cerebral hemispheres.

Electrical impulses are the driving force behind every transmission of information, no matter how small, from one nerve cell to another via the nerve cell fibre. This permanent flow of current can be measured using the magnetic fields that arise around it. The EEG provides information about the electrical discharges in the brain, while the EMG measures the impulses along the neural pathway leading to the muscle cell.

In many cases, patients whose nervous system was impaired in very different places had positive, mainly compensatory experiences with magnetic jewellery.  This might be explained by the convergence of magnetic fields internal and external to the body.

Metabolism – energy production and membrane voltage

We have an estimated 100 billion cells working in our body and a million new cells are produced per hour – tiny, highly efficient plants that supply the body with the fuel it needs via the metabolism. Raw material is ingested and converted into new substances and energy. The waste products are disposed of on the return journey.

The transport of substances occurs by ion exchange through the cell membrane. This surrounds the cell, separates it from its environment and controls what enters and leaves it.

There is generally a negative electrostatic charge inside the cell whereas the charge outside the cell is positive. This potential difference allows the ions to pass in and out of the cell. Current flows through ion channels in the cell membrane – it is extremely low, but measurable. When Professors Neher and Sakmann discovered this phenomenon, the scientific world was so amazed that they were jointly awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology / Medicine in 1991 for what is known as their ‘patch clamp technique’.

Disturbances in the mini power plant can result an over – or under – production of essential substances. This leads to metabolic diseases like obesity, diabetes, gout and thyroid disorders, to name but a few.

Health from revitalized water

Water is one of four ancient elements, along with Earth, air and fire.

Water is of immense importance to mankind, 60% of our body consists of water. 2.5 litres is excreted each day and must be replenished by the intake of food and drink. Water is a component of ever single cell and every bodily fluid. The water in the blood transports nutrients to the cells, influences digestion and regulates the temperature of the body.

The healing power of water has been recognised for thousands of years. Throughout their empire all around the Mediterranean the Romans left thermal baths, precursors of our thermal spas. Right up to the present day, patients have been looking for and finding the desired relief in such facilities. The medical effect of water is sometimes attributed to the cold stimulus, which improves circulation in the skin. Pains, circulatory problems or disorders, feverish illnesses can be identified and alleviated. The autonomic nervous system, hormone production and even the immune system can also be influenced by water.

In view of its overall performance, the quality of the water is crucial. It is a long time since our drinking water has come from springs. Spring water comes from the depths of the Earth and is

enhanced as it passes through the layers of the Earth’s magnetic field. In our present-day society, drinking water is in most cases processed responsibly but has not recovered its original magnetized  properties when it comes out of the tap in our homes.

We know today that water molecules are ‘dipoles’ with electrical properties. The water molecules form rings around ions that are positively or negatively charged. If a magnet is placed in the water, the ions are diverted according to their charge. The reorientation of the ions modifies the structure of the water and could be used to investigate the various effects of magnetized and revitalised water on human health. Until then we have to rely on the testimonials of people who have recovered their quality of life thanks to magnetized water.

Copper – noble, useful and good

Even the oldest known civilisations mined and used copper. Traces of the use of this noble metal date back to the eighth century BC, making it the metal with the longest tradition in jewellery manufacture. This easily workable metal enjoyed a boom in the Copper Age (5th – 3rd century BC) in a variety of different cultures. There are very good reasons why copper is still in demand for jewellery and other uses, even today.

This metal reputed to have therapeutic effects, even in ancient times. Hipprocrates used its germicidal and circulation enhancing effect – perhaps without realizing it – and used copper to treat ulcers and varicose veins while, a few centuries later, Paracelus thought it might influence the psyche – at least his successes proved him right, Whether one still associates copper with femininity (as the medieval alchemists did) or one wears the jewellery to increase ones sense of well being and balance (as many athletes do today), people have always had high hopes that the wearing of copper jewellery would be beneficial. In this regard, copper has positively influenced the lives of generations of people.

The Earth’s magnetic field  –  cosmic protection and a microcosmic factor of life.

“Magnetic energy is the elemental energy on which the entire life of the organism depends, “said Physics Nobel Prize winner Werner Heisenberg. As a simplification, you could even say that without magnetism, there would be no life.

There are two ways of interpreting Heisenberg’s statement: in relation to the cosmos and in relation to the microcosm. Firstly, a gigantic geodynamo is active in the Earth’s core, as a result of which our planet is encased in an all-embracing magnetic field. This protective magnetic shield shields the surface of the Earth against charged particles from the solar wind that are hurled towards the earth after solar eruptions. These high energy solar particles would probably make life on earth impossible if they were not intercepted by the protective magnetic shield. When they enter the earths atmosphere, the particles cause magnetic storms – visible to the human eye in a wonderfully surreal natural spectacle, The Northern Lights.

Secondly, the Earths magnet field influences the processes in every atom, an effect caused by the movement of ions in the body. These electrically charged particles create electric currents, giving rise to a magnetic field that can be measured on the skin. The electrocardiogram (ECG) and electroencephalogram (EEG) are the best known examples of this. For thousands of years plant, animal, and human development, the Earth’s magnetic field has contributed significantly to the optimum functioning of these mini magnetic fields in organisms. A very recent example indicates the importance of the effect of magnetic energy: space sickness which expressed itself in the osteoporosis and depression suffered by the early cosmonauts and astronauts after their return to Earth. For later flights, the engineers created artificial magnetic fields in the spaceships and stations, significantly reducing the symptoms of illness.

On of the Earths magneti

However, the strength of the Earth’s magnetic field is decreasing. Since the first measurements in 1830, the strength of the Earth’s magnetic field has declined by almost 10%. Over the last 100 years alone, the field has become 6% weaker. The assumed reason is a current change of polarity in the Earth’s magnetic field as happens on average every 250,000 years. When such a change of polarity occurs, a field of opposite polarity is established and this temporarily reduces the strength of the Earths existing magnetic field to zero. How long will the earth endure unchecked solar wind? What will happen to the interplay of magnetic forces in the atoms? What effect will this development have on health? Grounds enough for science to investigate this subject and a valid reason for introducing experiences with magnetic jewellery and accessories into the discussion.

The use of magnets has been proven to help conditions such as:

  • Dyslexia

What the Doctor says – “Magnets create a balance “

  • Headaches

What the doctor says – “Magnetic energy has an effect on individual cells and influences both the circulation and immune system. This would explain its many areas of application. The reduction of the Earth’s magnetic fields can lead to autonomic disorders such as headaches, dizziness, diminished performance, nervous tension, sleep disorders and the like. Kyoichi Nakagawa, a Japanese doctor, reported that these disorders improved in 94.3% of patients who were wearing a permanent magnet. “

  • New energy

What the doctor says – “Magnets can balance the release of hormones in the brain, for example serotonin and melatonin for your sleep cycle. Serotonin also produces a greater sense of serenity, happiness and calmness. In addition, magnets can boost the nervous system and fight infections.”

  • Fatigue, exhaustion

What the doctor says –“Magnets can help to stimulate the metabolism and deacidify the body. The circulation also improves so the cells get more oxygen. What is interesting is that the magnetic effect is transmitted through the body.”

  • Headaches, Occipital neuralgia

What the doctor says –“There is still a lot of uncertainty about nerve pain. The cause may lie in the individual nerve cells. Each cell has its own ongoing metabolism. This gives rise to a membrane potential, a bioelectric activity, with a measurable voltage of between 60 and 90 thousandths of a volt. The slightest stimulus, for example a temperature change, can affect the poles that have formed, neutralizing the cell membrane voltage and hence causing pain.

To get the poles in the right position again, the cells require energy from the already weakened metabolism. Each new attack reduces the membrane potential so sensitivity increases and the pain occurs more frequently and more severely.

One approach to pain therapy tries to stop the vicious circle by giving cells time to repolarize. It is quite conceivable that this process is decisively supported by magnetic energy. 

  • Bipolar disorder

What the doctor says –“These days more and more patients who suffer from depression are telling us that they feel better because of magnets. In fact, a study carried our by an Israeli researcher at the Technion Institute of Technology in Haifa showed that magnets stimulate brain activity. Fifty percent of the depressive patients who were treated with transcranial magnetic stimulation achieved significant improvement.

I must point out, however, that the use of magnets to treat depression must be regarded as a complementary measure to other forms of therapy. Seek your doctor’s advice if you want to complement your treatment with magnetic jeweller .You and your doctor can note how and whether the jewellery has any effect. Wearing it may produce positive changes or allow a reduction in medication.

We can only congratulate Nicole on her success and wish her all the best. If you are depressed, please get help from a doctor.

  • Migrane

What the doctor says –“There are various theories about migraine. One attributes it to changes in semiochemicals like serotonin, another to a change in cell metabolism and a third to an inflammatory reaction. Magnet therapy can help in all three cases. It can stimulate the release of transmitter substances, reduce the swelling and normalize cell metabolism. There may be an initial worsening but it is often a sign that the magnet is working. 

  • Sciatica

What the doctor says –“Magnets can have a positive, mitigating effect on pain in Birgitscase it no doubt also contributed to activating the disc’s metabolism and relieved the sciatic nerve. Nerve conductivity can also improve when membrane metabolism is stimulated. In addition, there is a reduction of the accompanying inflammation. 

  • Tennis elbow

What the doctor says –“tennis elbow is an indication of muscle and tendon strain. Magnet therapy can really help because it improves circulation and can strengthen and change the connective tissue. Tendon can perform better. Magnetic energy can make tissues more alkaline and support the body’s self-healing capacity. Moreover, magnets can also boost the body’s own cortisone release mechanism, making it unnecessary to use cortisone from an external source. You can also try placing a magnet on the meridian line. Magnet therapy is best combined with homeopathy and herbal medicine and can even boost their effect. 

  • Hallux valgus/ keloid scar

What the doctor says –“Magnets have been used for healing ever since ancient times. Improved healing through improved circulation, particularly of the smaller vessels (the microcirculation), contributes to the healing process. There is evidence for this in studies with rats treated with a field strength of 80 millitesla. That is enough for magnets to balance the circulation. The blood flow of constricted blood vessels increases while the diameter of vessels containing too much blood (as is the case with inflammation) is reduced. These results were published in 2007 in the American Journal of Physiology. 

  • Achilles tendinitis

What the doctor says –“There are several explanations for the healing of Achilles tendonitis with magnetic jewellery. Circulation in the tendon diminishes with age and the fibres degenerate. The tendon therefore becomes more sensitive. The circulation promoting effect of the magnet can counter this development. The circulation enhancing effect of the magnetic jewellery cannot be ignored either. And last but not least, a disorder of the metabolism can lead to the deposition of fats and crystals in the tendon, which in turn can lead to chronic irritation of the tissue. In many cases it can be observed that wearing magnetic jewellery has normalized the defective metabolic process. 

  • Shoulder pain

What the doctor says –“Like acupuncture, magnets can also contribute to endorphin release and relieve the pain. (Check if more needs writing) 

  • Skin fissures

What the doctor says –“This example shows clearly how well magnets can work. They also help to improve the blood flow and the cell metabolism via the water. This improves the blood supply to the skin so there are fewer dead cells and less cornification. You can see that even water can transmit magnetic energy and that the energy really arrives. An amazing effect! 

  • High blood pressure/ headaches/ partnership

What the doctor says –“Magnets work holistically, in other words they can balance either an excess or a deficiency. They can work on the atomic or the subatomic level and thus cause enzymes or cells to react differently. Moreover they have an effect on calcium, potassium and magnesium ions. All these electroytes have an influence on high bloodpressure. Magnets can also have a positive effect on the psyche by improving neurotransmitters and hence one’s mood. The effect of the magnet is transmitted via the blood stream, regardless of the part of the body on which it is worn.

The fact that Wolfgang’s headaches have improved might be explained by normalization of the blood flow.

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