GEAR 10K Run

Here at the Footcare Centre, we understand that to runners, there is nothing more important than looking after your feet and as such, we wanted to show our support by sponsoring the event.

Add to that, one of our own, Elizabeth is taking part and we are very much invested!

We will be open throughout the event to assist all the runners with sore feet, offering foot rubs and advice on how to keep their feet in tip top condition and we also have a stand right next to the KLFM stage where we will be handing out goodie bags to all!

Foot care is vital to runners, as your feet take a massive amount if impact every time that your foot hits the ground.  When you add to this rubbing and lack of support from incorrect or ill-fitting footwear, it is easy to see why some people struggle.

Correct footwear and foot care can make all the difference and can help you run safely and even get those much needed extra seconds off of your time so come by and speak to our team to see how we can help you take good care of your feet.

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